University startupBook Covers are unique in the world of business and entrepreneurship, translating research conducted at and owned by universities into market-ready products—a complex process that requires a combination of scientific, technical, legal, business, and financial skills to be successful. Startups have the potential to generate revenue for universities, enhance faculty recruitment and retention, create jobs, and create investment opportunities for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Research to Revenue: A Practical Guide to University Startups presents the first-ever comprehensive guide to understanding, starting, and managing university startups. By systematically describing the process of translating academic research into commercial enterprises, Don Rose and Cam Patterson give a thorough, process-oriented, and practical set of guidelines that cover not only best practices but also common—and avoidable—mistakes. They detail the key factors and components that contribute to a successful startup, explain what makes university startups unique, delineate the steps of building and managing them, and describe how to foster and maintain startups at a university. Written for faculty and staff working on campus, tech-transfer officers, university administrators, and venture capitalists unfamiliar with university structures, Research to Revenue ensures that any reader unfamiliar with technology commercialization and entrepreneurship will understand the fundamentals of the process, including intellectual property rights, fund-raising, and business models. This work is an invaluable resource for the successful formation and well-managed operation of university startups.

In addition to the book, readers will have access to companion content. This content includes corporate documents, legal agreements and funded SBIR applications.

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