We provide consulting in the area of university startups. The following are the types of engagements and topics where we can provide value. For information on any of these, please contact us.

Educational Programs

One of the keys to creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem is education faculty and students about how to recognize opportunities, understand customer needs, and engage in the startup process. Education doesn’t necessarily imply faculty should have MBA-level understanding and be ready to be the CEO of their startup, but rather they need to understand how the startup process works and the value and roles of different people play in that process. We consult on educational programs that range range from the simple (webinars) to the complex (partnering with your business school). In addition, we provide two-day workshops for faculty. We can also provide custom workshops for educating technology transfer offices on various aspects of entrepreneurial technology transfer.

Faculty Startup Support Programs

In the past, universities have left the spinout process to the faculty, local entrepreneurs, and service providers. However, many universities have found that by creating programs to identify, launch, and help build a startup based on university IP, the chances of success are greatly increased. We provide insights into these types of programs, based on our experience as well as drawing on the experience of other universities.

Funding Programs

Funding is the fuel for translation. Integrating funding across the the spectrum of technology and product development increases the likelihood of a startup’s success. We provide insight into designing and deploying a wide range of funding programs, from proof-of-concept grants to increasing SBIR success rates to establishing university associated venture funds.

Incubation Programs

Incubation is critical in the care and feeding of early-stage university startups. Each university has challenges incubating companies on campus, from conflicts of interests to space allocation. We can provide help in developing an incubation strategy for university spinouts, including both on-campus options as well as off-campus partnering with local groups.

One-on-One Consulting

Some faculty need help in the process of launching a startup. We work with faculty one-on-one to evaluate the idea or research around which a company is contemplated, assess the market potential, and create a roadmap for getting the company launched and funded.

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